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Terms & Conditions

Your terms and conditions of business are extremely important to your business. Our robust and professionally drafted terms & conditions will help:

  • Prevent non-payers;
  • Prevent late-payers;
  • Limit your liability;
  • Reduce the possibility of litigation;
  • Reduce your costs;
  • Increase your profits.

Many businesses rely on verbal agreements, however more often than not when there is a dispute, the problem is exacerbated or even created by not having a written agreement. Terms & conditions are a must for a modern business, and this is the case whether you sell your goods or services online, over the telephone, from your own premises or at your customers' premises.

We have experience in drafting effective terms and conditions for a range of businesses, including:

  • Online Retailers;
  • Information & Investment Websites;
  • Web designers & developers;
  • Software designers;
  • Charities;
  • Message boards/social media sites;
  • Telesales;
  • Marketing & PR.

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