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Contracts of Employment

Contracts of employment WITHOUT signing into a lengthy support contract

Unlike most HR companies we do NOT insist you sign into a long support contract.

Why We Are Different

We are different from our competitors because we offer:

  • No Fixed Term Contracts – We do not sell you something that you do not need. Many small businesses simply need a contract of employment and company handbook. They do not want to be or do not need to be tied into long contracts with monthly fees. That's why we offer our employment handbooks & contracts as a 'stand alone' product. No inflated fees, no tie ins. If you need a regular support then we do offer support packages, but we do not insist you sign into a long agreement if you do not need or require it.
  • Truly Bespoke Documents – We do not repackage other companies templates and act as a 'reseller'. Every contract is drafted to suit the exact needs of your business and to prevent problems that occur within your industry & business.

The Drafting Process

We talk to you about what you have in place already (if anything) and advise as to the best terms, conditions and policies to suit the demands of your business. We do not 'pad out' our service by including lengthy contracts or policies that are not needed. We strive to keep everything as simple as possible and in 'plain English'.

So, whether you're a business owner wishing to revamp your company's employment handbook & contracts, or are a new or existing business that has nothing in place then we can help. Explore our website or call us on 01482 345 905 to find out more.

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