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Shareholder Agreements

Thinking about going into business with somebody else? If so then a shareholder agreement is an essential document that will aid the success of your new business venture. Ensuring that you put a robust agreement in place with your business partners or fellow investors will help:

  • Protect your rights;
  • Set out your and your partner(s) responsibilities;
  • Stipulate dispute resolution mechanism;
  • Control who else can enter the business;
  • Control how you can exit the business
  • Control the direction a business takes;
  • Identify amounts and timing of dividends;
  • Prevent your business partners leaving and going into competition against you;
  • Identify who will make decisions, and how.

Given that even the strongest relationships can break down, it is highly advisable to have an agreement set out in writing. It can save a great deal of money in the future, and with the aid of a clearly set out document it can help all parties know what they are responsible for to ensure the success of the business.

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