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Responding to An Employment Tribunal Claim?

The prospect of being taken to an employment tribunal by an employee or former employee can be a daunting task. But we can help you to defend claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination or any other claim that may be brought against you in an Employment Tribunal.

How We Can Defend You Against an Employment Tribunal Claim

Advise you how to defend - We can look at the strengths and weaknesses of the claim against you and plan your defence accordingly. We set out clearly using knowledge of employment law and employment tribunal regulations, why the claim should fail and we set out to limit the damage and cost to your business.

Complete the ET3 Response to a Claim Form - We use our assessment to file your defence to undermine the claim, and to put you in the best possible position to defend it. The ET3 form is the most important part of your defence as it is one of the first documents that the Employment Tribunal will read, and it needs to set out credible grounds for defending the claim.

Advise You To the Risk of Losing - As outsiders to your Company we offer you a realistic assessment as to your chances of success, and the risk and amount of any damages you may have to pay out. You can then use that information to consider whether or not you need to take a business decision to settle a claim, or to defend it.

Take Away The Stress of Defending a Claim - Litigation is a stressful business, especially if you are a small business and emotions are running high. We take this stress away by dealing with all the paperwork, preparing your case, presenting your defence and dealing with the Claimant or their legal representatives.

Reduce the Risk of Further Employment Tribunals - We don't just offer a "fire fighting service". We can look at went wrong, and how to avoid it happening again. If the claim is being brought by a spiteful or vexatious claimant, who would have brought action regardless then we can help you to get a costs award against them.

Minimise Costs - We can help you reduce costs by weakening a claimants case and reducing any damages. Further to this we can ensure your case is presented in accordance with the law so you are not at risk of legal costs being awarded against you.

Fixed Price Employment Tribunal Defence - All of our services are available for a fixed price. However, this is not always the best option and we do also offer a "unit" based billing system, however we always cap our fees. So if you have something you are worried about you can pick up the telephone, call us and get an educated answer, without the worry about how much the bill will end up at.

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