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Redundancy Management

25 December, 2011

We know how stressful a redundancy situation can be for employees and employers alike. That is why we can assist your business if a downturn means that you need to make redundancies. We can assists you to put in place a strategy for dealing with a redundancy situation that will reduce the risk of any Employment Tribunal claims but will mean you can make savings by stream line your business to deal with any downturn. 

Shareholder Agreements

25 December, 2011

Thinking about going into business with somebody else? If so then a shareholder agreement is an essential document that will aid the success of your new business venture. Ensuring that you put a robust agreement in place with your business partners or fellow investors will help:

Contracts of Employment

Our knowledge of employment law and contract drafting means that we have the insight to draft contracts that will ensure your business meets its statutory duties. Further to this, we give you the ability to dictate the exact terms of employment, rather than potentially leaving any interpretation down to an Employment Tribunal Judge. Our employment contract drafting service create contracts for you that are tailored to the employee in question and to your business needs.

The contracts we write not only will meet your legal responsibilities under the Employment Rights Act 1996, but ensure from the very start your legal rights and responsibilities towards your employee(s) are clearly stated for all parties to be bound by. This gives you flexibility in terms of the clauses you want within the agreement, and more freedom to negotiate contract terms that you see relevant to meet the needs of your business.

Written Statement of Terms - Section 1 (2) Employment Rights Act 1996

There is no obligation for contracts of employment to be in writing, however given the massive increase in Employment Tribunal claims being instigated in the past 3 years, the advantage of having clearly defined terms of employment are potentially massive to your business. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to provide an employee with a written employment contract, there is however, a requirement that employers must provide all employees with a written statement of terms of employment. This statement must be given to an employee within 8 weeks of them starting employment (s.1 (2) ERA 1996).

The obligation to provide written statement of terms can be met by providing a contract of employment, and this has the added benefit of an employer being able to stipulate in greater detail the responsibilities of employees. Whether you choose to provide a written contract or to simply provide statement of terms, various topics must be covered by either document to meet your legal responsibilities. The law states that all terms of employment do not need to be contained in one single document, however it is advisable to have the major terms of employment detailed within a single employment contract.

The law goes even further in the burden it places on employers by making it a requirement that where such particulars of employment as those listed above don't exist, then a written statement must be provided explicitly stating that such particulars don't exist. In any case, it is therefore paramount, that all of the relevant details regarding the terms of employment for your staff are detailed in written format.

To find out more information about our employment contract drafting and advice service, get in touch using our contact form, or call us on 01482 345 905. 

Ongoing and Ad Hoc Employment Law & HR Advice Service 

Alcohol Licensing

25 December, 2011

Need to apply for a premises licence, or need to vary your current licence?

Sellers Legal Services Ltd is a UK company founded in 2017 by Steve Sellers to offer general HR/Employment law support and advice to local businesses and to expand an already rapidly growing list of clients from the heavily regulated financial services industry - Financial Conduct Authority. Steve has a history or providing advice to high net worth individuals and multi national companies. Indeed a growing list of happy Regulated business clients based both in North America and throughout England & Wales has meant Steve set up this Company to deal and focus on these specialist services to FCA regulated companies.

Of course we still offer general HR advice to all businesses - from contracts of employments & policies and procedures, to dismissals, redundancies, sickness management and more.

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