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This article is aimed at managers, H.R. professionals, and business owners who are responsible for assessing employees for redundancy on a score based system.

Suggested Redundancy Criteria

Redundancy is a stressful time for employee and employers alike with the likelihood of employment tribunal claims ensuing if it is handled badly high. We therefore recommend that you put in a comprehensive redundancy assessment criteria, and apply that in a fair and reasonable manner.

A tribunal has ruled that an employee was fairly dismissed for making offensive remarks about a colleague on his Facebook profile whilst at home.Teggart v TeleTech UK Limited


The Northern Ireland Industrial Tribunal has held that reducing an employees’ number of days holiday entitlement due to paying double pay for bank holiday’s is unlawful under the Working Time Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1998.


Many employers have been in the situation where a reference request lands on their desk, or the telephone rings and a reference is being sought in regards to a former employer. Perhaps you didn't rate, didn't trust or simply didn't like employee and you either do not want to provide a reference or you would like to give a poor reference. It is a commonly held belief amongst employers and employees alike that a) a reference must be given, and b) a reference must not be negative, however this is not true.

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