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John Hall Engineering

"I approached Sellers Legal to redraft and advise me on contracts of employment. The service was excellent and efficient as Steve dealt with everything first hand.

I would highly recommend Sellers Legal and I will definitely use them again in the future"

Helen Hall, Company Secretary, John Hall Engineering LtdJohn Hall Engineering Ltd

IC Assist

I contacted Sellers Legal to draft a couple of fairly detailed and complex contracts that I needed for both our customers and contractors. Steve produced the first & subsequent re-drafts quickly and without fuss, as well as answering queries regarding the implications of adding and removing sections of the contract along the way. I'm pleased to say that I now have contracts that cover all the points I needed, that I understand and that I am able to explain to those I'm asking to sign them.

S Isaac, IC Assist LtdIC Assist

3rd Hand

Steve has an individual approach for every customer and compared to Solicitor's Firms he really cares about what he does. He knew better than me what should be done and thereby he saved me a lot of useless effort, time and money, what is very important for startup businesses. Frequent non-formal chats with Steve allowed me to think over the business terms and have revealed a lot of holes in the business structure. In the end I have received bespoke documents that cover every aspect of my business and protect it from any possible problems.

A. Sidorov, Managing Director3rd Hand

The Fashionista Family

I contacted Sellers Legal to assist with contract drafting, and have been thrilled with the fantastic levels of care and service provided by Steve. Everything explained in clear English, quality client care, extremely efficient - nothing but praise! Thank you very much for your help - I will definitely be back should I require any assistance in the future.

DF Services

DF Services Ltd required a local company who they could rely on for legal advice relating to Employment Law. They provided us with new contracts of employment, policies and professional advice on employment issues at a reasonable cost. We paid a one off cost and there was no heavy sales or feeling pressured into signing lengthy contracts. Thank you Steven for handling this matter promptly and professionally and we look forward to working with you in the future.

David FlowersDF Services

James Stafford

Steve provided down to earth no-nonsense advice that was perfect for what I was looking for. I have been back to him twice since and every time  has delivered exactly what we needed on time and was happy to make as many revisions as we needed. I highly recommend his service. 

James Stafford, Managing Director

Sean Sinclair (Update)

Hi Steve, Thanks for advice today, you will be glad to hear ###### (hidden for legal reasons) agreed the extra clauses I wrote onto the agreement - in fact my account manager emailed me to confirm that the sales director had agreed them! So it's looking rock solid. Nice to know I've got a bit of extra protection in case things get ropey.

I've found Steve really good for checking contracts. He'll ferret out all the ways things can go wrong where you need to haggle for changes to the contract, and all the little things you can add to make it go right. Anyway thanks again! look forward to discussing the next one

Sean Sinclair, ARL

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